Alaska Hospital Gets Surprise Visitor When Wild Moose Walks Right Inside

In many parts of the world, seeing a large animal mingling among humans would be unusual. In Alaska, however, it is a regular part of life.

This was seen recently at a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. The Providence Alaska Health Park’s cancer center received a most unusual visitor when a moose appeared.

Photo: Facebook/Providence Alaska

If you’ve never been around a moose before, they are a force to be reckoned with. According to the state of Alaska’s website, a female moose could easily weigh up to 1100 pounds, and a male moose up to 1500 pounds!

They are also interesting to watch, but it’s nice to keep your distance. Having a moose up close and personal to you is dangerous, to say the least. You never quite know what is going to happen!

Photo: Facebook/Providence Alaska

Fortunately for the visitors and security at the cancer center, this moose just seemed interested in looking around. After walking through the motion-activated doors, she checked out the plants in the lobby and wanted to go further inside to see what the building held.

An announcement was given to keep people away from the moose, but it had the opposite effect. Many people came down to see the animal walking around, so security had to act quickly.

They were able to direct the moose back to the doors again. She gave one final move, as if to say she wanted to still visit, but decided to walk out the doors anyway. The visitors and staff applauded the efforts of security.

They wrote about the visit on Facebook, saying Providence Health Park had an extra-special visitor.

You can watch security directing the moose out of the hospital in this video:

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