Rare Display of Moose in Alaska Shedding Antlers, Video Goes Viral

Deer, moose, and elk shed their antlers each season, but it’s rare to actually catch a glimpse of the annual event. Hunters and folks that spend a lot of time in the woods run across the discarded racks from time to time, but seeing it occur in realtime is seldom an option. That changed recently when a family with a Ring Doorbell camera in Alaska captured it for all to see.

Moose in Alaska

Tyra Bogert informed Today that she was visiting her sister watching TikTok videos with her niece when she received a Ring alert. Grabbing her phone, she opened the app to find a large moose standing in front of her house.
In @akfattruck‘s clip, the animal walks into view and begins shaking, perhaps to remove the snow accumulated on its back. All goes still for several seconds before movement is detected again. Soon after, viewers see the moose begin to shake once more, only to witness its antlers falling off and hitting the ground.

The loud noise it makes immediately startles the creature before it runs off into the darkness. The entire video only lasts 45 seconds, but it’s still worth the watch.

moose Alaska
Photo: TikTok/@akfattruck

The Last Frontier State

Bogert told Today that shortly after the camera caught the footage, her husband Chance called to ask her who was at the door. “I’m like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to watch it for yourself! You’ll be so surprised. I don’t want to ruin it.'” She added that seeing wildlife on their property is fairly common and that they even had a video of two males fighting over a female moose.

moose looses antlers
Photo: TikTok/@akfattruck

Viral TikToks

“I knew it was rare because all my hunting friends said they’ve never seen it in real life, let alone being caught on video,” Chance admitted. After the incident, he went outside and picked up the antlers from the snow. The family quickly shared the video on TikTok, captioning it: “Moose shedding BOTH antlers caught on doorbell camera.” The short clip became an instant viral hit garnering 2.6 million likes and 92,000 shares in the process. You can check it out for yourself below.


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