A Rescuer Bids Farewell to a Baby Monkey Before Its Return To The Wild

Danger lurks for animals in the wild, even when it’s their natural habitat. It’s most especially perilous for babies who were abandoned or separated from their parents. They’ll be needing supervision and someone who can teach them survival skills in the wild as they grow up. Thankfully, authorities and nonprofit organizations have established rehabilitation centers for rescued animals. The center serves as their temporary sanctuary during recovery and further growth. Those organizations prioritize the animal’s welfare which is a lot of help in maintaining the population of endangered species. For this reason, getting a job in animal rescue can truly help you realize a lot of things. You build a different appreciation for animals as you learn more about them.

Photo: Twitter/Naga Hills

Apart from helping you with personal growth, it’s a fulfilling job, because you get to give back to the planet. You are given the task of treasuring the precious gifts presented to humankind. And the job is not only life-changing for you but also for the animal — rescuers provide them with hope for another chance at life. For this reason, it’s impossible not to get attached. They know how to reciprocate affection, and it’s a privilege to receive love from an animal. However, it’s also the duty of a rescuer to take them back to the wild. That last moment with them might hurt, but knowing that they have freedom makes up for the sadness.

Photo: Twitter/Naga Hills

Usually, the animal will run toward their habitat and will just give one final look of acknowledgment. But for this rescuer, he sweetly said a short goodbye as the young monkey gave the other rescuer one final hug. The guy had to hold him so the monkey could finally let go of his shirt. He safely placed it on the tree where the young one started to climb toward its freedom. The heartwarming clip is now circulating on Twitter, which was uploaded by Naga Hills. In the caption, it says, “Saving and releasing an infant monkey back to its natural home, Khonoma village forest, Nagaland. in December 1998, hunting was banned in Khonoma’s forests, and a 20 sq km area was demarcated by the village council as the Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS).”

The baby monkey is now ready to face the wild, carrying the love and care it received from its rescuers. Conservationists in the area are definitely doing a great job keeping animals safe, especially after all the hunting that happened before. Twitter users expressed their gratitude in the reply section. Their work is truly inspiring, and you can be one as long as you have the dedication to saving animals. Starting your mission with stray cats and dogs is already sufficient help. Be an animal rescuer in any possible way you can — the world needs more heroic environmental deeds.

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