Young Monkey Found the Friendship She Was Looking For in Munnu the Dog

Like humans, animals prefer certain kinds of friendships that complement their personalities. Some behaviors become a deal breaker in every relationship — sometimes, a dog can be too rowdy for a cat, for example. Although it hurts, accepting a failed attempt to befriend someone is for the best.

In sanctuaries, animals often create the most random but adorable friendships. It’s where rescued and orphaned animals start a new life together — building connections that provide harmony to the center.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Those creatures would try to befriend a certain animal, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. One of them is Avni, an orphaned baby monkey who is now a resident of Peepal Farm. The monkey was brought to the sanctuary after an informant reported her situation. She lost her parents at a young age and has been looking for a companion since then. At first, Avni tried to befriend a cat named Billo, who’s also a resident of the rescue center. The feline became her companion for a while when they spent some time in Avni’s cage. Since then, she can sleep well after all the trauma she has been through. Apparently, Avni was electrocuted and was too weak to catch up with her troop — leaving her alone and hurt.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“Billo visited Avni every day in her crate. And after a month, she was finally healed,” says the co-founder of Peepal Farm, Joelleen. “As she healed, she became more and more playful. Billo, being a cat, wasn’t super into it.” The friends grew apart due to personality differences, but Avni found the right crowd for her. The little monkey began making friends with dogs — who were as playful as her. Avni found creatures who can return the same energy and play back without getting annoyed. Out of all the dogs she met, Avni became extra attached to Munnu.

“Avni was hanging out with the dogs in the back, and she must have grabbed onto him. Munnu was so gentle. He was just like, ‘Ok,’ Avni just found it to be comforting to ride him as she would her mother. ‘Cause monkeys are really creatures of troops. They want a family,” she explained. Avni and Munnu became inseparable — the little monkey never wanted to be left alone again. Perhaps their bond was remarkable because Munnu could somehow understand what Avni went through.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

When Munnu was a pup, he was abandoned with his little sister and was thankfully found by a rescuer. Later on, Chunnu, his younger sibling, got adopted first, and Munnu remained in the sanctuary. He and Avni were definitely meant to meet each other — the longer they were friends, the stronger their bond as a family was built. Staff members of Peepal Farm were entirely surprised by the sudden turn of events, especially during their first walk. They all witnessed how the two eventually created a daily routine everyone knows. Avni found the perfect match she could also treat as a parental figure. Watch their adorable friendship in the video below and show your support for Peepal Farm.

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