Police Received An Emergency Call From A Stolen Phone & You’ll Never Guess Who Called

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

Only silence followed.

There’s typically a scary story associated with an abrupt, unanswered emergency call. Fortunately, this particular call is just something we can literally call monkey business.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Jamie Haughton

A monkey residing in the Conservation Ambassadors – Zoo to You in Paso Robles, California, just happened upon an unattended phone in a golf cart – at least that’s what the zoo staff assumes – and started smashing the buttons, which allowed it to dial 911.

Monkeys are intelligent beings and are known to use tools, but I didn’t know they had advanced to using phones as well!

Our friendly caller, a Capuchin monkey named Route, seems to have just copied what she sees. Monkey see, monkey do, as they say.

“Capuchin monkeys are amazing. They’re tool users. They’re so smart. She’s [Route] got thumbs, and she’s got more than enough ability — She sees me all the time, texting and playing with the phone, so I think that’s pretty much what she did,” said Lisa Jackson, zoo owner.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Markus Winkler

As hilarious as the situation may seem to be now that we know the real story, the sheriff’s office had quite a day when Route called.

The Sheriff’s Office said that they tried to respond back to the 911 call, but despite calling and texting back, they received no response. This prompted them to send deputies out to investigate, as per protocol.

The Conservation Ambassadors – Zoo to You also posted on their Facebook account about their little Route becoming viral. They said, “While we wish it was for something a little more “conservation education” based, let this serve as an educational lesson that monkeys are NOT animals that should be kept as pets! They’re so inquisitive you never know what might happen!”

Watch cute baby Route in the video below.

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