Santa Surprises Struggling Mom With “Life Changing” Gifts

People around the world look forward to Christmas. That is especially true of the children who look forward to the gifts. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for every family.

Stephanie Rivera knows this feeling because she was unable to afford gifts for her children for 3 Christmases in a row.

Photo: YouTube/FOX5 Las Vegas

It was to the point where her children didn’t have any emotional attachment to the holiday any longer.

According to FOX5 Los Vegas, when Stephanie’s mother passed away, she was only 7 years old. Since that time, she has lived a difficult life. For starters, she was sent from one home to another, and eventually, she was living on the streets when she was only 15.

Since that time and becoming a mother, she has struggled to raise her children in the best way she could. Things were rough but an anonymous letter sent to the local news station was about to change things.

Photo: YouTube/FOX5 Las Vegas

Thanks to that letter, Stephanie was about to receive the Fox5 Suprise Squad’s gift, known as “Operation North Pole.” It is a program that gives to someone in the community and helps them to afford more than they ever thought possible.

Reporter Monica Jackson was on scene along with Santa Clause and spoke with the young mother about her children and her wife. She learned that Stephanie even had gone back to get her diploma and is now trying to get her aestheticism degree to help her family.

She said: “My childhood was pretty rough. My mom died when I was 7. I grew up from family to family and each time I kept going it was just a new household I had to go to, so I never really got to do Christmas.”

Photo: YouTube/FOX5 Las Vegas

That is when Santa started to give her one gift after another. She received $2000 in cash and a $500 grocery card. She even received a $3000 scholarship.

As she opened the gifts, she continued to cry. It was fantastic to see her receiving so much.

You can see it happen in this video:

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