Reddit Users Berated Wife Who Got Furious When Her Younger Sister Washed Her Husband’s Underwear

In this story that’s published on Reddit’s controversial r/AmItheA–hole forum, was the Original Poster afraid that her husband would have an affair with her younger sister?

Was she scared that her husband’s underwear could be a temptation for her sister to lust after her partner?

In the United States, the statistics on infidelity are a cause for serious concern. From the journal of Marriage and Divorce, it was estimated that 70% of married couples cheat at least once during their union. On the other hand, the US General Social Survey recorded a much lower infidelity rate among couples but still a saddening fact: “20% of men cheat compared to 13% of women.”

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Meanwhile, the LA Intelligence Detective Agency presented its own alarming numbers:

  • Thirty to sixty percent of married couples will commit infidelity at least once in the marriage.
  • Seventy-four percent of men and sixty-eight percent of women reveal that they are ready to cheat if there’s a guarantee the affair would not get exposed.
  • Sixty percent of illicit affairs begin with co-workers or close friends.
  • Discovery of infidelity causes sixty-nine percent of marriages to end.
  • An average period of an affair is 2 years.
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It was uncertain why this woman reacted with fury after learning that her younger sister had laid eyes on her husband’s underwear and other clothing. With the username u/amitwrongthrow321, she wrote: “My f31 sister f23 moved in with me and my husband m29 a week ago. She does not contribute money but takes on lots of house chores as a way to compensate for it. She’d cook, clean, organize, vacuum..etc. Yesterday, I was at work and came home and found that she’d done my husband’s laundry. I was stunned as I felt this was…not her place, nor was it appropriate because, for one. I always do his laundry, and, more importantly, I did not think it was appropriate for her to be looking at his underwear.”

Her sister, in response, downplayed it; she just wanted to help OP, whom she noticed was struggling with her work and their kids. All she wanted was to lessen her burden, and OP’s husband supported her statements. But OP continued to argue with her until her younger sister cried. OP’s husband told her to forget the whole thing and to apologize to her sister, who just wanted to help. But OP still felt uneasy about the matter and refused to make an apology.

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Were OP’s reactions and sentiments justified?

An award-winning comment from procrastinating_b says, “Seeing a man’s underwear has never made me want to f*** them lol.”

ButterscotchOk4438 likewise wrote, “Let alone your siblings’ underwear. We literally hung our underwear outside on the clothesline; I think the only thing neighbors would be concerned with was how many holes the boys’ underwear would get but still be used.”

Meanwhile, UnderwhelmingZebra shared this fact: “I live in the UK, and when guests come over, my undies are literally hanging on a rack in our sitting room. It’s just not a concern.”

Internal_Designer399 also had this to say: “It’s OP’s sister, so she is not the husband’s sibling, but still…OP, YTA. Your feelings don’t excuse your behavior, in this case. She was trying to help. You could simply have asked her not to do it again. No need to berate, especially as she’s been helping out with many other chores…she was just continuing the theme and crossed an invisible line by accident in the effort. You definitely owe her an apology for projecting your weird taboos and insecurities on her.”

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