Good Samaritan Saved a Dying Kitten After Someone Poisoned It and Its Buddies

Many actresses have played the role of Catwoman, like Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, Halle Berry in Catwoman, and Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns.

Each of these award-winning actresses is unique in their acting prowess, but have you noticed what they all have in common while playing the role of Catwoman?

It’s the aura of mystery, which has a mesmerizing effect on viewers. A characteristic that’s among the foremost characteristics of cats.

Photo: Pexels/Antonio Friedemann

Indeed, as we all know, one of the most enigmatic creatures on our planet are the felines. And yet, next to dogs, they are the most favorite pets in the world.

Let’s try to discover more about these adorable and mind-boggling animals. Here are some interesting facts about cats from Litter Robot:

  1. Cats meow not for other cats, but for humans. Since they have been with people for thousands of years, domesticated cats have learned which sounds to make to draw our attention — which meows mean they’re hungry and want to be fed, which sounds will make us want to soothe them, and other vocalizations to convey what they want us to do for them.
  2. Purring has self-healing power for cats. Based on studies, cats purr not only when they’re happy. They also purr when they’re sick or stressed to make themselves feel better. What’s more, the vibrations created by purring may also aid in healing the bones of an injured cat.
  3. Unlike dogs, a cat doesn’t treat its owner as “leader of the pack.” This is because dogs have been domesticated thousands of years before these felines.
  4. Photo: Pexels/Alena Koval
  5. Cats are only partially color-blind. The world is not black-and-white to cats, but it appears in gray, blue, and yellow to them. But their vision is sharper than humans because their eyes require only one-sixth of the light that people need to see.
  6. People who are allergic to cats don’t get it from their fur. The allergy is caused by a protein called Fel d 1 which is found in a cat’s urine, dander, and saliva. Female cats and neutered male cats produce less of this allergy-causing protein than non-neutered males.

Unfortunately, aside from blaming cats for their allergies, there are people who hate cats for being an invasive species. There are humans who try to get rid of them with means that can be labelled as acts of animal cruelty like shooting them with air guns and blow darts, the way it happened months ago in certain US military bases in South Korea and Hawaii.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/os-sesamoideum

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), everyone should be aware that there is a strong link between animal cruelty and violence. To quote, “Animal cruelty is a predictor of current and future violence, including crimes of assault, rape, murder, arson, domestic violence, and sexual abuse of children.”

In this post by u/os-sesamoideum on Reddit’s r/aww, the video shows a cat that was rescued by a friend of OP’s mom in Greece. Their clowder (term for a group of cats) was poisoned by an unknown person, and only this kitten was able to survive because it was saved in time.

Many hearts were moved by the post.

TheMangoTango13 wrote, “My first cat became asthmatic when he was 16. He had a little kitty inhaler and everything. He was hesitant about the mask part at first but eventually understood that’s where the breathe-good med stuff came from. Glad to know this little one is doing well!”

Photo: Reddit Video/u/os-sesamoideum

Rapunzel10 also shared this experience, “We have an asthmatic kitty too. He definitely did not like the mask at first, but he’s a polite little guy, so he tolerated it. Once he realized that he breathes easier afterward he was fine with it. We always pet him while he breathes in the medicine, so now he sometimes holds his breath so we pet him longer lol”

Meanwhile, CasperDaGhostwriter also related, “My spouse and I went to Greece a few years ago, and the poor babies were everywhere. They were getting fed and loved by the tourists at least.”

OP further revealed in response to the comments, “Poor guy was nearly dying, he is so thankful and well-behaved. They found him outside their hotel, and all his buddies were apparently poisoned. So sad.”

This culture of animal cruelty makes it dangerous not only for these felines but also for other pets and humans in the community where evil is getting a chance to breed. Thankfully there are still humans out there willing to save critters like this kitty.

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