New Mom Asks Social Media For Advice After Kicking Her Aunt Out Over A Cat

Welcoming a new baby home is an exciting time for expecting parents, but it can pose a lot of changes. For those with pets, it can be a bit stressful. After all, you never know how a dog or cat will react to having a tiny baby in the house.

A new mom in her late 20s recently went through this, but her cat seems to love the baby. The woman, who goes on Reddit by u/Correct_Foot_3630, shared in a post that her relationship with her cat was causing a bit of drama as a new mom, but it had less to do with the baby or motherhood duties and more to do with judgement from other people.

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The mom explained that she makes an effort to prioritize her no matter what. She said, “Even after the arrival of my baby, I have made it a point to continue involving my cat in our family life. We still go on little walks together around the garden just the two of us, and I make sure to spend quality time snuggling and bonding with her.”

Problems came when her husband’s aunt came over for a visit. The post explained, “My cat is shy with people, so she was in my room looking through the window. When she wants my attention, she makes a particular ‘meow.’ Husband told me, and I went to check on her. After I came back, his aunt started going on about how having a cat around my baby could potentially be dangerous and implied that I should shift my focus away from my cat. She said it was not natural and that I should just focus on the baby. A cat is a cat.”

She continued saying, “I told her to get out of my house NOW. She was astonished, and I told her it is extremely rude to go to other people houses and start to criticize how they live their lives, especially when we we barely have a relationship. I have seen the woman three times in my life, one of them was the wedding.”

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While she said her husband and best friend sided with her, her husband pointed out that it was rude to kick their aunt out. Her sister-in-law, however, said she overreacted.

The new mom shared her story to ask for advice and to see if she was the one in the wrong.

After sharing the post, the general consensus among the comments seemed to be that the new mom was overreacting for kicking the aunt out. But the aunt was also out of line for making a rude comment.

“Eh, Reddit will probably downvote me for this one, but I am going with ESH. Yes, your aunt was out of line for what she said. But immediately jumping to kick her and her daughter out of your home because of it? Yeah, that was an overreaction. Has nothing to do with being a cat lover or not,” one person commented.

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“You are right, but you overreacted by kicking her out. You could have just told her to mind her own business and be done with it,” someone else chimed in.

Do you think she was in the wrong for kicking her aunt out, or do you think it was justified? Let us know!

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