Internet Backs Mom Who Gave Her Son’s Dog to His Ex-Wife

From the time we’re kids, our mothers try to correct our behavior and make sure we’re doing the right thing. A mother recently did this with her adult son, and Reddit is lauding her for it.

Reddit user Narrow_Cold_4950 took to the subreddit AmItheA**hole to ask if she’s in the wrong for giving her son’s dog to his ex-wife. The user explained that her son had cheated on his wife, with whom he shares two children, and then moved back in with his mother. When he did, he took the family dog.


The user wrote, “My grandbabies love this dog. But he is trying to punish his ex for telling him to leave.”

She added that her son’s work requires him to be gone two weeks and home two weeks, which got in the way of him spending much time with the dog.

She said, “I swear I tried watching this dog. But my son is irresponsible. He doesn’t walk him much. He doesn’t brush the dog. He is just holding on to the dog to lever his way into his ex’s life.

“The last straw was this last time off work. He was away for two weeks, Nd (sic) then came home for one day before flying off to the United States for a vacation with his new girlfriend.

“So I called my DIL, checked that she wanted the pup back, she almost cried with joy, packed up everything that belonged to the dog and took him over there. My grandchildren were ecstatic.”


Then her son came back and was livid when he learned what she had done. She took to her fellow Redditors to ask if she was in the wrong, like her son believed.

Turns out, not very many people agreed with him. In a thread that currently has more than 19,000 upvotes, the mother was officially deemed “Not the A-hole.” The top comments said that her son had brought the dog with him to intentionally upset people, and it hurt the dog in the process. The replies also argued that the original poster had done what was best for the pup.

User ItisntRocketSurgery wrote, “From my perspective you didn’t give away his pet, you returned the family dog to a healthy environment for that breed instead of letting your son neglect him. You returned the family dog to your grandkids who were understandably ecstatic to get their good boy back.”


User MarioFoscario had a similar thought, particularly about the dog’s breed, Border Collie.

He wrote, “Dogs, especially working breeds like border collies, need a lot of exercise and stimulation in order to be happy. Your son intentionally put his dog in a situation where it will be miserable (no bad will on you, there’s only so much you can do). This dog will be much happier with your DIL and the children.”

There were also people happy that the dog was saved from what could be worse consequences down the road.

User jtheminipony said, “I’m normally not in the camp of rehoming pets without permission but your son was being a neglectful owner, solely to spite his ex, and that I find disgusting. Im glad you gave his ex the dog back when you did, lord knows how worse off that poor dog would’ve been had you tried to keep it.”


Others praised the mother for loving her son but still being able to point out when he wasn’t doing the right thing. Many also thought she was kind to let him live with her despite the whole situation.

When couples break up, there can often be scuffles over who gets to keep a pet that they’ve shared. The issue could ultimately go to court. Pet parents often arrange a joint custody situation when they can amicably agree to one. If you do something like that, it’s important to ensure that you’ve discussed how the pet’s needs will be covered, financially, medically, and with the day-to-day. When the transition first begins, it may be a good idea to have the pet in its new settings a bit longer so it can get used to them. It’s also helpful to have toys, bedding, and other items to which your pet is attached. Keep training and food consistent, as well.

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