Mom Blasted for Allowing Her Fiancé to Emotionally Abuse Her Kids Through Crazy Mind Games

This man, the fiance of this Original Poster, is actually a teacher.

Learning this fact will make the hair on your arms rise. This man, as you read this post, exhibits signs of being more than just delusional. He also appears to be a sadist who’s obsessed with tormenting kids’ minds with lies and crazy mind games.

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Posting her story on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum with the username u/throwawayfianceissue, OP reveals the following: “My fiance (40m) and I (36f) have been together for 2 years. I have 3 kids from my former marriage (7), (11), & (14). My fiance loves them and treats them as his own, but he constantly complains about certain behaviors and says that the kids lack ‘some forms of discipline.’ I never understood what he meant, but, mind you, he’s a teacher and can take this whole discipline thing a bit far. I noticed that he’s been doing some ‘tests’ lately to see how they’d act in certain situations. For example, he once left his journal lying around to see if any of my kids would snoop; he also would leave money lying around to see who’d touch it. Or even lied, saying ‘Who wants skittles?’ to see if any of the kids would come to him downstairs.”

For two years, they have been living together, and yet OP has started to mind her fiance’s questionable way of thinking only recently. And this is in spite of the fact that her kids have been suffering difficulty in getting along with this man.

OP continued to relate another incident that she just learned after getting home. Her fiance decided to test her kids’ honesty by saying he had lost a dollar, which was a pure lie. The man had even promised that he would give $10 to the child who could find his missing dollar.

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What happened next could only come from a lunatic. OP wrote, “My 7- & 11-year-olds couldn’t find a thing, but my 14-year-old went to my fiance and told him he found the dollar and gave it to him. My fiance lost it and started yelling ‘Aaaa gotcha now!’ My son was confused. Turns out, my fiance didn’t lose any money and lied about the dollar to see how the kids would react. My son obviously had ‘failed’ because he pretended to have found the dollar, but, in reality, he took it from his allowance and gave it to my fiance, hoping to get that 10 dollars. My fiance said that, because of my son’s dishonesty and greed, he’ll punish him by taking all his allowance for the month as well as electronics being taken away for a week!”

Because of that, the couple had a serious argument with OP, finally calling her fiance delusional because of these crazy mind games. She also defended her son because he did not steal from her fiance but simply tried to give him back the dollar that her fiance said was missing. The child wanted the reward, but instead, he found himself being condemned for dishonesty by the man who lied to him and his siblings first. The man has been using lies and tricks to make them appear as if they are bad kids who need his kind of discipline to grow up into upright individuals.

OP closed her story with the following words, “He still talked about how this is about principles and that he’s trying to teach my kids to become decent adults, but I thought this had gone too far. I refused to let him punish him; now he’s calling me an enabler and said that this attitude won’t be of much help when we get married because it undermines his authority as a parent and enables unacceptable behaviors from my kids. He said, and I quote, ‘I will not tolerate having greedy and dishonest individuals live under my roof.'”

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Strangely, OP did not add anything else to that. She did not even write an update. It makes you worry about her kids. Those poor kids at the hands of a lunatic and a sadist. Your heart might go out to the pupils of that man as well; you can just imagine how their minds are being turned into blobs.

As for the reaction of the AITA community, they slammed not just the man but also OP for allowing him to abuse her kids for so long. Her lack of answer to her fiance’s last statement seems to say that she still plans to get married to him!

This reaction from Standard-Park won awards: “YTA. For allowing him to emotionally abuse your children.”

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And a comment from caitydidit206: “My first thought was that the kid was afraid what would happen if they didn’t find his $1, so he took one from his allowance to protect himself and his siblings from the abusive monster they know as step-dad.”

Likewise, tinypurplepiggy wrote, “He probably would have lined them all up and interrogated them to find out who stole his fake missing dollar. This man is a disgusting bully. I think when OP said he treats them as his own, she meant treats them as his own lab rats for his gross psychological experiments on children.”

Meanwhile, Valuable_Food_7911 could not help but express this fear: “This is what I was thinking. The only lesson the kid’s gonna learn is ‘the reward is a trap; I’m better off just keeping any money I find. Your fiancé has no business being around kids, and the knowledge that he’s a teacher horrifies me.”

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