Mom And Daughter Leave New York To Start Animal Sanctuary From Scratch

We all like to have some direction in life, and Alexa is no different. When she moved to NYC a few years ago, she began to struggle with her health. Things were different and now, both her physical and mental health were declining.

Thankfully, Alexa was wise enough to move back home with her parents and she knew she needed to do something new in life.

Photo: TikTok/@alexabmurray

Her father gave the suggestion that she could volunteer at an animal sanctuary in the area and that is when things started to take a good turn for Alexa.

As she shared on TikTok: “It wasn’t a huge place but they had some horses, some goats, some donkeys, and as soon as I got there and started volunteering I just absolutely fell in love.” She went on to say how it was something she wanted to do and for the first time in her life, she felt as if she had a purpose.

Photo: TikTok/@alexabmurray

When Alexa’s mother, Sharon, decided to move, she asked her daughter to move along with her. She was happy to do so but she also had an idea to open her own animal sanctuary.

If you’ve ever been involved in a nonprofit organization before, you realize that it isn’t always simple to set things up. She had to research everything properly and learn what was necessary for taking care of the animals.

Photo: TikTok/@alexabmurray

It took some time, but eventually, Friendly Fields Farm was born. Alexa and her mother have already rescued more than 100 animals and taken them to the property in Waynesville, North Carolina. Things are so successful that they decided to move from their 7-acre farm to a 70-acre farm.

Sometimes, the greatest options in life come out of the strangest ideas. Never be afraid to dream, Alexa did and she never looked back.

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