Mom And Dad Graduate University Alongside Their Daughter

One of the days that most of us remember in life is the day we graduate. It’s a significant milestone and it is something we will never repeat.

Of course, there are times when that milestone means even more to us, and that is true for the Adams family.

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On this particular day, the mother and father, Robyn and Greg Adams, were on hand at the Texas Lutheran University. It was May 13 and they were ready for the commencement ceremony.

Their daughter, Ashley, was graduating from college and they were very proud to be in attendance. The thing is, they were just there to watch their daughter at the graduation ceremony, they were also graduating from the same college.

The university went on Twitter to share the story of the Adams family. It was the first time a trio such as this graduated together from the University.

Robyn graduated with a Master of Accountancy. Greg, the father, had his bachelor’s degree in business administration. Ashley, their daughter, received her bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

This seems like something that was planned for a very long time but it actually came together due to circumstance. When Ashley was going through the admission process, they went on tours of the university.

Both of the parents had already gone to a community college and taken a few classes. After they saw the campus and the experience their daughter was having, then Robyn and Greg knew just what they had to do.

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They were ready to transfer to the university.

This was something that also took coordination among the family. Not every daughter would want her mother and father to attend the same university, so they got her approval. Ashley was then able to watch them as they worked together through college.

In a press release, Ashley spoke about how proud she was of her parents for making the most out of their time in college and going back to school.

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She also said that her mother was helping other classmates in a number of ways and her dad was a college athlete after joining the golf team. She said she was proud to call them her parents.

The original graduation date for Ashley was supposed to be May 2022. Schedule changes postponed the initial graduation by a year, allowing all of them to graduate together.

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