A Most Amazing Love Story Between a Green Parrot and a Lady!

How did this love story begin?

A lady’s visit to a pet shop. She was drawn toward a cage with a glass barrier where there was a cute, green parrot.

The lady’s name is Tony, and, upon seeing the bird, she teased it by putting her ring finger near the bird’s feet. To her surprise, the small parrot kept trying to climb and perch on her finger. That was when she fell in love with it!


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But the price of the small green parrot was too high.

Tony decided to seek the help of fellow Tiktok users in raising the funds to be able to buy the parrot and take it home. Many gracious people quicky responded to her request, and Tony was able to return to PetSmart to make the purchase.

Finally, she was able to take the small parrot home!


Thank you guys from my entire heart. I went back to the pet store for the final time today , and this time he came with me. I can’t wait till he warms up to me completely. I’m going to give him the best he can get, and all the love he allows me to show. Donations are still open and I also have an Amazon wishlist. Any donations / purchases will go straight to him. Any toys you guys buy him I’ll make videos on introducing him to. This journey is far from over ( we have 20+ years 🥹) this account is now his and I will be posting all progress on here. Thank you thank you thank you. I also need name suggestions 😅😅❤️bless you all #ChewTheVibes #DrPepperTuitionContest #conure #conuresoftiktok #conures #bird #birds #pets #pets #birdsoftiktok #thankyou

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Now, they are the best of friends with many years to spend together filled with fun, love, and adventure!

According to Animal Humane Society, conures make splendid pets since they are smart and have vivacious personalities. They can learn a number of words and are naturally curious and playful. They are fond of cuddles, along with snuggling under things; that’s why it’s always best to provide them with toys, chew items, and a soft piece of fabric for snuggling. And since they constantly yearn for the love and attention of their owners, it’s a lot easier to bond with conures and train them.

Here are some of the wonderful responses to this viral post of Toni’s ineedthisbird account on Tiktok:

Photo: Tiktok/ineedthisbird

izzyfurry4: “Fav story of 2022.”

brownhair927: “It looks like he’s smiling.”

pamela: “CUTE!! Conures are so sweet. I work at a pet store and get to interact with them a lot. I’d have one of my own if it weren’t for my zoo already 🥹”

Anastasia: “If you come across any animal that shows they choose you, they need to be brought into your home.”

briarmccallum: “U are the most amazing human 🥰🥰 Thank u for giving this little guy the life it deserves 🥰🥰”


I had requests to do a video like this so here we are , and damn I have tears in my eyes 🥹😅💚 #TheRealPussinBoots #greencheek #greencheekconure #conure #conures #conuresoftiktok #parrot #parrotsoftiktok #cute #cutebird #cuteparrot #cuteconure #wholesome #wholesomeplottwist #pet #pets #petsoftiktok #gcc

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

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