Rare Mob Of White Kangaroos Spotted At Wildlife Sanctuary

It’s always exciting to see a rare animal, like a white kangaroo. But can you imagine getting to see a whole mob of them?

That’s exactly what some lucky viewers got to witness at the Panorama Wildlife Sanctuary and Secret Gardens in Australia when a mob of nine white kangaroos was spotted.

Photo: Facebook/Panorama Garden Estate

The sanctuary posted photos of the albino “mob” on Facebook and the pictures quickly gained attention from animal lovers around the world.

According to The Daily Mail, the owner of the sanctuary, Annemaree Van Rooy, explained that the mob started from some rescue kangaroos.

Photo: Facebook/Panorama Garden Estate

She said: “We rescued three albino kangaroos which were held in little tiny cages and now we have a mob of about nine. They come and go as they please on the wildlife sanctuary, and they live just as they are supposed to out in the wild.”

According to the Fox Weather, wildlife experts are unsure if the kangaroos at the sanctuary are true albino animals or if they have a condition known as leucism, which allows for some coloring like in the eyes.

Photo: Facebook/Panorama Garden Estate

The National Wildlife Federation notes that one out of every 10,000 births of a mammal is an albino, but leucism, especially in kangaroos, even rarer than that.

Given the rarity of a white kangaroo, regardless of whether they’re white because of albinism or leucism, it’s especially incredible to witness nine individuals altogether.

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