Starving Dog Found In A Pile Of Trash Needs Emergency Surgery To Survive

It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal in need, but one particular little dog found is pulling the heartstrings of people around the world after she was found dying in a trash pile.

Missy was half-starved and on the brink of death when Lou Sisk rescued her from the trash pile. She could hardly even more!

Photo: YouTube/Dublin Shelter

According to Dublin Shelter, Lou immediately got Missy into a vet and the news wasn’t great.

If she’d been left alone any longer, she would’ve died. She was suffering from countless issues, including scabies and a raging infection.

Photo: YouTube/Dublin Shelter

Missy’s uterus also had a nasty infection and it was so bad that she needed surgery to have it removed.

After Missy got out of surgery, she still needed months of recovery, but she was in good hands.

Slowly, she began putting on weight. She grew stronger and it wasn’t long before she was ready for a forever home.

Photo: YouTube/Dublin Shelter

Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long and found herself a wonderful family to call her very own.

Check out the video below to watch Missy’s rescue and transformation:

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