Missouri Now Has A Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Mike McGirl is a state representative for Missouri, and he proposed what is known as the “random acts of kindness day.”

At first, it was a stand-alone bill, HB 202, but it gained traction when it was added to SB 72 as an amendment.

Now that Gov. Parson has signed it into law, as of July 13, 2021, the day is official.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On that day, those who live in Missouri are encouraged to remember the power of a single act of kindness. In showing such kindness, you can change someone’s life and perhaps impact many others.

According to The Independent Journal, McGirl had the following to say about the bill: “Without the dedication of Lela Thompson, this bill would not have become law. I sincerely appreciate her efforts to memorialize those precious lives lost to suicide and to prevent further tragedies from occurring.”


He went on to thank the governor, Representative Travis Smith, and Sen. Karla Eslinger for helping to get that day recognized.

Although this has just been enacted as a law in the state of Missouri, Washington County has had such a day for quite some time.

Photo: Pixabay/John R Perry

That day is designed to help prevent suicide and it is at the beginning of September, which is Suicide Prevention Month.

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