Mississippi State Loses To Alabama But The Quarterback Makes A Big Win

If there is one thing that we know about college football, it’s the fact that tensions run high when there is a big rivalry. This is often seen in games between Mississippi and Alabama, and it sometimes isn’t very pretty.

Although rivalry does exist between teams and fans, there are individuals from each of those that at times show a considerable amount of kindness, even amongst the most difficult of games.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This was recently seen in a loss when the Mississippi State Bulldogs were playing against Alabama.

That game, which happened in Tuscaloosa, was what made the headlines but it was what happened behind the scenes that really captured our attention.


It happened when the quarterback for Mississippi State, Will Rogers, did something that was totally unexpected.

He is quite a football player, leading the SEC in career completions and passing yards, but it’s his kind heart that really shines through.

Photo: Twitter/JohnCohenAD

After Alabama hosted the Bulldogs and beat them in a decisive 30-6 victory, Rogers was seen helping a staff member from Alabama up to the exit ramp.

It was a moment that touched a lot of people’s hearts and thankfully, someone was able to catch it on video and share it with the world on Twitter.

There are always going to be rivalries and tensions are always going to be there when a game is played. In the end, however, it’s all about the little things that happen in the background and these acts of kindness that continue to restore our faith in humanity.

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