10 People Feared Missing In Swiss Alps Avalanche Found Alive

After a Christmas Day avalanche hit the slopes of a mountain in Austria, 10 people were feared missing. Since that time, all 10 people have been found.

The avalanche occurred on Trittkopf mountain, in the in the Lechtal Alps in Austria between Zürs and Lech am Arlber.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Asurnipal License: CC BY-SA 4.0

10 people, who were from around the world (including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Croatia and the USA) were caught in the avalanche as it barreled down the mountain.

An Austrian skier named Stefan (@stevebreake) happened to be on the mountain when the avalanche occurred and he filmed it washing over the group of skiers.

Photo: YouTube/stevebreake

In the video, which Stefan uploaded to YouTube, you can see the avalanche trailing a group of skiers before overcoming each and every one of them.

He and his friends recognize how serious the situation is and they immediately hop up to go check on everyone.

Widespread search efforts began as a huge collaboration between different agencies and volunteers, including the Hundestaffel Vorarlberg.

That organization shared about the search efforts on Facebook, explaining that volunteers and government officials went out with dogs to help locate avalanche victims and quickly found “several skiers” hidden under the snow.

They worked late into the night and eventually, their efforts proved successful.

According to the Austria Press Agency, all 10 of the people feared missing were found alive.

9 of the 10 people were found with minor injuries, while one person suffered serious injuries and is currently being held in the ICU.

That person needs life-saving care but is currently in stable condition.

The cause of the avalanche is being investigated, but it’s possible that it could’ve been triggered by people, animals, unusual weather patterns, or solar radiation.

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