Missing Dog Comes Back Home with Not Just One But Two New Friends

There is no doubt that dogs are fun companions, especially with their friendly and adventurous personalities. You can bring your dog anywhere, enjoy fun activities together, and seize the day with adventures. You’ll be surprised at how many people or other dogs they can befriend during those times. They certainly love socializing, especially when they don’t feel anxious or territorial. Dogs can easily brighten a room, and their happy personality is contagious.

Photo: Pexels/Brett Jordan

Canines aren’t just capable of winning the hearts of humans and other dogs; other animals are no exception. Bo, the black Labrador, is a great example of how the precious creature with four paws makes friends. The black lab is highly adored by his family — the Kriers from Kansas. They describe Bo as goofy, affectionate, and adventurous. Sometimes Bo would run around the neighborhood and go on his little quests. He sure loves to learn about things on his own. But he’d get so absorbed in it that he went missing one day.

Photo: Youtube/Kyle Krier

Amidst the panic, while searching for the missing Labrador, Kyle Krier received a call about Bo. The informant told him that Bo might be 6 miles away from the Krier’s residence. Thankfully, the caller was right — Bo was indeed found on the fields, but he was not alone. They knew Bo was extremely friendly, but it was still a surprise to see him with another dog, more so a goat!

Bo’s new friends were following him, and Kyle was able to capture the moment on video. The dog seemed so happy to bring home some friends. They were like three adventurers who randomly met due to similar goals in life. It was apparent how happy they were after running freely on the fields — they truly are a mischievous bunch. However happy Bo is, Kyle knows that the goat and dog don’t belong at their place. They were from a different home, and surely he did not want to make them feel like how he felt when Bo went missing. So he drove them to the city and later found out where they were from.

Photo: Youtube/Kyle Krier

Their names were Libby and Ozzy. They were owned by one of their neighbors. It’s good that their real homes were not far from where Bo brought them. The black labrador must have lured them into his adventure, but sadly they must postpone it. Hopefully, they were able to enjoy their moments together when they all went missing.

Maybe next time, their human parents will let them have a playdate — one where they can safely run around without their families panicking about their whereabouts. See how happy the trio was in the video Kyle uploaded on Youtube, which you can watch below. You’ll surely want to have an adventure with them and run free in the fields of Kansas.

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