Missing Dog Found 1700 Miles From Home After Seven Years

One of the most difficult things a dog owner can go through is losing their pup. You spend a lot of time combing the neighborhood, looking and doing everything in your power to find them.

Unfortunately, not all dogs will come home and there is going to be a time when you begin to lose hope. As the years go by, you may even doubt that you will ever see the dog again.

Photo: YouTube/11Alive

Such was the case with Nugget. According to 11 Alive, in 2015, the dog, who belong to Jesse Springer, disappeared. Jesse was always with Nugget, so this was a really trying time.

Jesse continued to look for Nugget and did everything in her power to find him. He was microchipped and she called the veterinary clinics and animal shelters to see where he could’ve gone.

According to Today, Nugget had already been with her for a few years, and she was afraid that he wandered off to die. It was one of those moments that just defines us as pet owners.

Photo: YouTube/11Alive

That was 2015, but seven years later, Nugget showed up again. The thing is, the dog wasn’t found in Farmington, New Mexico. Nugget was found 1,700 miles away.

A woman named Jennifer saw Nugget at her home in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. The dog was just sitting outside of her home and she decided to investigate.

Jennifer didn’t know anything about Nugget, but she loved dogs and took him to the veterinarian.

Photo: YouTube/11Alive

That is when they found the dog’s microchip. They identified him, got in touch with Jesse, and gave her the surprise of her life.

Seven years had passed since Jesse had seen Nugget. When they called, she even verified the way the dog looked, because she couldn’t believe it was true.

That is when they were able to have a video call. Even though there were almost 2000 miles between them, they were able to communicate.

Photo: YouTube/11Alive

There were many organizations that worked together to make this a happy reunion. It included Jennifer, who found the Nugget, and Carolina Loving Hound Rescue.

After they got Nugget to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, it was only one more stop until home.

Nugget may have been away for seven years, but he hung on until they were together again. It’s a beautiful story, and you can see it for yourself in this video:

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