Cat Missing For 9 Years Finds Her Way Home Just In Time For Christmas

Losing an animal is a heartbreaking experience. Most pet owners will search high and low for their beloved pets, but sometimes, they’re nowhere to be found.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a cat named Marley disappeared from Trafford in England when she was out for a walk.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The cat slipped her harness and ran off, leaving the family scrambling to find her. They searched the neighborhoods and put up posters but their beloved Marley was nowhere to be found.

That was back in 2012 and as the years passed, the family gave up hope of ever seeing their Marley cat again.

Photo: Facebook/Katie Hayes

Fast-forward nine years and the family had long assumed Marley was dead. But one day, they got a phone call from the cat rescue charity PawPurrs Halfway House in Chorlton. The rescue had Marley and she was alive!

According to a Facebook post by Katie Hayes, Marley’s family couldn’t believe it. The cat was turning 20 years old and was in rough shape from living on the streets, but she was alive and that’s all that matters.

Photo: Facebook/Katie Hayes

The rescue’s owner, Katie Hayes, said that the cat came into the rescue matted and dirty. It was clear she’d been on her own for a while, but she never could’ve guessed that the cat had been on the streets for 9 years!

Hayes wrote, “The family have now been and collected her. They are completely overjoyed and in shock.”

The best part of it all? Marley found her way home just days before Christmas. It was a Christmas miracle!

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