Miss Universe Wears Dress Made Of Soda Tabs To Acknowledge Her Garbage-Collector Parents

You can never forget where you came from. It’s something athletes, movie stars, and models have been preaching for generations and there’s a lot of truth to it.

That message was brought to light in a really special way thanks to Anna Sueangam-iam, Miss Universe Thailand 2022.

For the evening-gown round of the pageant, contestants dress up in elaborate gowns and model on the stage. Anna’s dress had an extra special meaning, however, because it was made out of soda tabs.

The unusual dress choice was a subtle and beautiful nod to Anna’s parents, a garbage collector and a street sweeper in Bangkok. Anna shared on Instagram, “This gown was inspired by the familiar surroundings of my childhood. Growing up with garbage collector parents, my life as a child was among piles of garbage and recyclables. This unique gown was purposefully tailored-made with discarded and recycled materials, namely the ‘Can Tab’ to present to the UNIVERSE that what’s considered worthless by many actually possesses its own value and beauty.”

Photo: Instagram/@annasnga_1o

The official Instagram account for Miss Universe Thailand shared about Anna and her dress in a post, saying, “Persistence, tenaciousness and optimism within her have led her to a great success in life. It is the result of being brought up by a father who is a garbage collector, street-sweeper mother, and a virtuous nun who was Anna’s great-grandmother.”

They added that she was called “The garbage beauty queen” by some people, but that didn’t stop her from “shining bright as a precious gem.”

According to the post, Anna said: “You must not get stuck with murky surroundings you were born into, but do believe you have the power to change your own life for the better.”

Miss Universe Thailand added, “The inspirational quote by ‘Anna Sueangam-iam’ precisely reflects and self-defines her own significant characteristic…From her empowering life story, the message is conveyed through this ‘Hidden Precious Diamond Dress.’ Meticulously created from used aluminium pull-tabs of drink cans and Swarovki combined, this unique upcycled dress designed by ‘MANIRAT’ is at its most promptness to be found on the universal stage.”

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