Rescuers Stop To Move Dog’s Body From The Road And Discover He’s Still Breathing

Rescuers with the Kartavya Society were driving when they spotted the body of a dog in the road.

The rescue shared on Instagram that they thought the dog had been killed by a car, but they wanted to move his body and give him a proper burial.

Photo: Instagram/@kartavyasociety

Cars didn’t stop and zoomed over the lifeless body until the rescuers ran in to scoop it up. Shockingly, when they got to the body, they realized that the dog wasn’t dead at all but was actually alive!

The poor thing was unconscious and in serious shock, but no one had stopped to check on him. Rescuers immediately rushed the dog to the clinic for emergency care and by some miracle the dog was going to be ok.

Photo: Instagram/@kartavyasociety

He needed some TLC after suffering from head trauma, but his spine was ok and he’d be able to walk and carry on life after getting the help he needed.

The rescuers decided to name the pup Miracle because it was truly a miracle that he survived that night on the road. No one knows how many cars drove over his body while he lay there, stunned, but it’s incredible he didn’t get squished or hit worse.

Photo: Instagram/@kartavyasociety

Miracle will stay at the Kartavya Society where he’ll have a permanent place to call home. He’ll never be in the streets again.

You can see more of his story in the video below:

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