Newborn ‘Miracle’ Bunny Survives After Hit And Run Kills Her Mom And Littermates

A bunny in Florida is being called a “miracle” after she survived a hit and run that killed her mom and littermates.

The East Coast Rabbit Rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida, shared about the bunny, Mimi, on Facebook, saying: “This bunny is a miracle, and you will learn why.”

Photo: West Palm Beach Aerial November 2014 photo D Ramey Logan.jpg from Wikimedia Commons by Don Ramey Logan, License: CC-BY 4.0

In the post, they explain that a lady called to report a rabbit who had been hit by a car. The woman said there appeared to be some baby bunnies lying on the asphalt.

Rescuers rushed to the scene. At first, they believed all five newborn babies were dead, along with the mother rabbit.

“We did not know if she was dumped on the street with her babies or in desperation she delivered them there. It was a horrible and very sad thing to see. We could not imagine how painful their avoidable deaths were,” they wrote.

Photo: Flickr/Tony Alter License: CC BY 2.0

But as they started to scoop the babies up to give them a proper burial, they realized that one of the newborn babies still had some vital signs!

They said they rushed back to the rescue with her and worked to get her stable. They said they started hand feeding her but didn’t expect her to survive.

“To our surprise, she was getting bigger day after day,” they wrote.

This bunny is a miracle and you will learn why.We received a call from a lady reporting that a rabbit had been hit by a…

Posted by East Coast Rabbit Rescue on Saturday, July 15, 2023

They went on to say, “That premature baby bunny turned into a very sweet and cute girl. We named this cutie Mimi (short for Miracle). Mimi would love to find her husbun. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and is very good with her litter box.”

The 3.5lb bunny is an Angora mix, so has beautiful hair that requires constant grooming. Despite her tragic start to life, the rescue said that Mimi is “in perfect health condition and now she is ready for her furever home.”

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