Mini-Dachshund Performs “Freestyle” Dance Performance With Mom

An adorable pooch is taking the world by storm thanks to her impressive dance skills!

The miniature dachshund named Henrietta first rose to fame back in 2006 when she performed a “freestyle” dance routine alongside her owner, Emily Pyle.

Photo: YouTube/sharly999
Photo: YouTube/sharly999

A video of their performance, set to saloon-style music, was uploaded to YouTube where it received more than 2 million views.

While it may seem like an unusal style of performance, there’s a whole group dedicated to advancing the canine freestyle dance known as the Musical Dog Sport Association.

Since the video was shared back in 2006, Emily and Henrietta became so popular that they were even invited to perform on Good Morning America just two years later!

In their 2008 appearance on GMA, Emily said that Henrietta is “extremely smart, and she loves learning new things and doing tricks, so that’s all she needs to know.”

Photo: YouTube/musicaldogsport

The crowd was quite impressed with the dynamic duo’s performance.

You can see their GMA show in the video below:

Henrietta continued to compete until she turned 16 years old and started to show signs of slowing down.

Even in her old age, she won competitions that Emily was proud to share about online!

In 2019, however, Emily made an emotional post on Facebook announcing the dog’s retirement.

She wrote, “Henri has been retired from all competition at the age of 16…However: Nobody should tell Henri she’s retired; this would be bad. She still goes to practice with the competition dogs, with her full voice going…Everything is set to give her exercise, keep her bending, keep her working on balance and navigating different terrain so she keeps those brain connections that know where her feet are. Everything is set to give 70% fun to keep her chasing odor in her dreams and 30% to give her doggy Sudoku to keep what’s left of her mind firing.”

Emily added, “For 16 years she hasn’t done anything quietly or just given up, and now is no exception – there’s no “going quietly into that good night” here! Be kind to your senior dogs and have the guts to put your human goals aside. And if it’s hard, be kind to yourself because you are human and it is a hard decision!”

Hopefully Henrietta is enjoying her retirement and golden years to the fullest!

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