Woman Makes Tiny Cheese Platter For The Mouse That Lives In Her Wall

We all know that mice love cheese. It’s a stereotype for a reason.

For those who have mice hiding in their homes, you’d think the first thing they’d want to do is hide the cheese (and other snacks) to deter the mice from eating, but a woman named Bella had other plans.

Photo: TikTok/@jorgeregula222

Bella (TikTok user @jorgeregula222) went viral for deciding to shower her uninvited mouse guest with kindness.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Bella explained that she discovered a mouse was living in her wall and he kept eating her food.

Photo: TikTok/@jorgeregula222

While most people would try to get rid of the mouse with an exterminator or trap, Bella had other plans. Instead of hiding her food away and getting rid of the mouse, she decided to treat him to a proper meal!

She captioned the post, “he kept eating our food so we decided to do him one better.”

Photo: TikTok/@jorgeregula222

She created a tiny cheese board fit for a mouse that featured champagne BellaVitano, smoked gouda, provolone, raspberry BellaVitano, crackers, honey, pomegranate chocolate, walnuts, pear paste, and a raspberry.

The sweet meal was even complete with a glass of water and a tiny bouquet of wildflowers.

Check out the adorable clip below:

@jorgeregula222 he kept eating our food so we decided to do him one better #cheeseboard #mouse #hiddencamera #ifyougiveamouseacookie ♬ Le Festin (From “Ratatouille”) – Movie Sounds Unlimited

Bella ended up naming the mouse Honey and she continued to make new meals for him!

In follow-up clips, she offered him a tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with a bowl of spaghetti. She even built him his own tiny house so he’d have a proper dining room table.

@jorgeregula222 i decided to name him honey🍯 it was his favorite from the cheese board &lt3 #mouse #tinyfood #pbj #tinyfriend #ifyougiveamouseacookie #ratatouille ♬ Les Champs-Elysées – Pomplamoose
@jorgeregula222 Replying to @thekarol420 he’s uneasy about the new location but he still visited 🙂 what else should i put in his house? #mouse #tinyfood #spaghetti #wholesome #ifyougiveamouseacookie #ratatouille ♬ Italian Dinner Party Music – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

I wonder what she’ll make him next.

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