Millie the Cat May Always Look Unamused, But She Is Living the Best Days of Her Senior Life

Cats always have this unamused look that makes them seem cold and disinterested in their environment, especially toward humans. However, only their facial characteristics give them that image — their actions say otherwise. They can get clingy and sweet, mainly toward their chosen humans. It’s the most adorable sight when you see a cat trying to get its human’s attention. Behind the stern, unamused look is a feline ready to give affection and warm cuddles to their loved ones. Whether a senior cat or a kitten, they surely know how to act cute and melt your heart with adorable quirks.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Jamie described her senior cat’s personality like the ones mentioned above. Millie’s eyes can give off glacial stares, hugely contributing to how people perceive her. But it’s her everyday look, and Jamie explained that Millie’s expression is totally normal. Jamie initially thought of adopting a six-month-old to a two-year-old cat when she visited Dumb Friends League. However, Millie effortlessly caught her attention — the moment seemed like the cat was choosing Jamie to be her human. “Millie was just sitting right by the door, looking up at everybody. She just looked at me and came right over, and I sat down, and she sat down,” Jamie shared.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

After that enchanting first meet-up, the 10-year-old cat went home and found her new family. Little by little, the household got to know Millie; apparently, she’s talkative. Jamie’s two other dogs are also close to her and have treated her like a sibling. “When I first adopted Millie, I didn’t want Yogi to overwhelm her. I kept her mostly in my bathroom with the baby gate just to get her acclimated and whatnot. And one day, when it had been four days since I had adopted her, I had left, and when I came back, she had gotten outta the baby gate, and they were both just sitting in the bed just together,” Jamie said. Since then, Yogi and Millie have become so inseparable.

To further disprove that Millie is an unamused, cold cat, Jamie mentioned that she has only heard the feline hiss once. The pet parent told GeoBeats Animals that Millie is mellow and doesn’t swat others, unlike what most cats do. Millie is lucky to be adopted into Jamie’s family because the senior cat deserves a supportive home. When Jamie adopted her, the cat had several health issues, which she is willing to take responsibility for. Millie has dental problems, asthma, and a broken rib, but she was able to pull through with Jamie’s care. Now, the senior cat has reached fourteen years old, and she’s still charming as ever.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“She always wants to be with either my boyfriend or me; if we’re sitting somewhere, that’s where she wants to be. She sits on my lap or on my desk. She sleeps with us, usually right between our heads or on our chest all night, and stays with us the whole night,” she shared. Millie indeed loves the companion of her chosen humans. They are lucky to have each other, especially Millie, who has a great home during her senior years. You can see how she’s having the best life and unlimited hugs from those around her. Watch the video below or follow their family on Instagram for more Millie content.

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