Engineer Builds Luxury Mid-Century Modern Aquarium For His Pet Fish

We’ve all had a fish at least once in our lives. I feel like it’s a perfectly standard part of childhood to have at least one goldfish in a bowl at some point before you’re an adult.

I went through a phase as a kid when I was obsessed with fish. I would often stare at the tanks in the pet shops when we’d go pick up cat food, and beg my parents for a tank of my own.

Photo: YouTube/The Q

In the end, they eventually relented and got me a small little fish tank with two tetras. One was orange and the other was blue, and I ended up naming them Jupiter and Saturn. They lasted about eight months before I sadly found them both belly up one morning and had to give them up to the porcelain goddess.

At the time, I thought my tank was pretty cool. I had picked out the turquoise-colored gravel for the fish, put some plastic palm trees at the bottom of the tank alongside several large plastic boulders for them to hide in, and I even invested in a tank decoration of a pirate with his treasure chest to give it a very Caribbean vibe.

Photo: YouTube/The Q

But as proud as I was of my tank, it definitely would not have compared today to the amazing aquarium constructed by engineer, Sergii Gordieiev of The Q.

Now, this is a fish tank that easily stomps on all other fish tanks. Gordieiev has properly spoiled his pet fish with a house of their own, which is an aquarium built to resemble a mid-century modern house – complete with working lights and a garage! Inside their garage is a bright red BMW sedan. I mean, these fish are living better than most millennials!

Photo: YouTube/The Q

As amazing as his creation is, Gordieiev even shows viewers how to build one of their own should they ever feel the need to spoil their fish. As he explains in his video, “Want to create unique aquarium? Here is an awesome idea! Your fish deserves more: at least mansion with garage and BMW.”

Check it out below:

What do you think of this fish aquarium? Would you want to have something similar in your home? Do you have a fish tank in your house? What is it like? Let us know!

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