Scientist Captures The Wonderous World Of Microscopic Life On Camera

The natural world is full of wonders. We see it every day in various manners – the beautiful flowers blooming in our neighbor’s garden, the calm of the ocean as the sunsets, the smell of pine trees while hiking.

There are plenty of gorgeous things to see in our world. But sometimes we forget about the microscopic one.

Photo: YouTube/Sci-Inspi

While our world might be big and beautiful, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one out there. Apparently, there is a whole other world without this one, we just need to take a look under a microscope.

Lucky for us, one biology lab tech Sci-Inspi, decided to create the most fascinating of footage featuring the microscopic world around us, and it’s absolutely breathtaking to witness.

Photo: YouTube/Sci-Inspi

Best of all, the video is put to a guitar soundtrack, making for a very pleasant viewing experience.

As Sci-Inspi wrote about the video, “A collection of some of my best and favorite microscopic footage. This video shows the amazing diversity of the microscopic world that is too small for our eyes to see!”

Check it out down below:

While the video was a beautiful one, it wasn’t the only one he made.

Two years after making his first microscopic film, he returned with a whole new one.

Photo: YouTube/Sci-Inspi

This one is just as cool and features plenty of new tiny marvels.

Watch the entire video down below:

What do you think of these two videos? Let us know!

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