People Are Horrified After Seeing How Many Microscopic Bugs Are Hiding On A Strawberry

Since we were young, we were told to eat our fruits and vegetables. Most of us consider fruit to be a clean choice, but then again, you may not have seen it up close.

Strawberries are one type of fruit that many of us enjoy eating. We like them in a bowl by themselves, freshly picked out of the ground, or perhaps with some shortcake and cream.

Photo: Twitter/AKBrews

However, when you look at a strawberry under a microscope, your opinion of that sweet-tasting berry may change. After all, there are more bugs than you can imagine.

Someone posted a video on Twitter showing the fruit up close with all the bugs intact. They captioned the video: “Are you having a good day today? I’m sorry for ruining it by posting this video of a strawberry under a microscope” and it got millions of views.

If it isn’t bad enough that you are looking at all of the bugs running around on a strawberry, they also play music that makes it even creepier.

Photo: Twitter/AKBrews

Admittedly, this may not change the fact that strawberries are delicious, but it might just change how you look at them when you eat them.

Of course, there were plenty of comments on the video, including some that said you should wash your food before you eat it. That may just get rid of many of the bugs that are traveling around on the surface.

A TikTok trend called the #strawberrychallenge said that bugs would come out if you soak strawberries in salt and water.

People on the app show the bugs while zooming in with the camera, and it appears to be true.

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One bug that finds its way into strawberries is the spotted wing drosophila. According to the University of Minnesota, it is an invasive fruit fly that gets under the skin of strawberries to lay its eggs. The larva of the eggs then crawls out of the skin to escape.

If this is of concern to you, you might be interested in what experts from Everyday Health have to say. First of all, the larva is so small that you can’t see them with your naked eye. Even if you do see them, it’s unlikely they would be in a grocery store fruit because refrigeration kills them.

Photo: Pexels/Ave Calvar Martinez

If you want to see them for yourself, try getting some fresh strawberries, cut them up, and leave them at room temperature for two weeks. The flies will grow large enough to see with your naked eye, but then again, the berries will be rotten by then as well.

According to USA Today, an entomologist at the University of Florida, Sriyanka Lahiri, said it is just part of growing and eating food. They said that most fruits and stored grain have an insect infestation, and getting rid of them is impossible.

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