A Meteorologist Was Surprised by the Touch Screen Feature of a TV While on Air

Candid moments are often some of the best. A spontaneous reaction, whether a picture or a recorded video, can be effortlessly funny. More so when the moment was caught during the live air of a television show or a news segment. The viewers might have had a good laugh that day — and it’ll be part of television history.

Photo: Twitter/Greg Dutra

News anchors and television show hosts are often the stars of those iconic moments. One of them is Greg Dutra, and technology has really surprised him while on air. He is a meteorologist and weather forecaster for ABC7 Chicago. Amidst explaining the weather patterns on the monitor, Greg suddenly expressed shock when a realization hit him. The meteorologist was surprised that the television has a touch-screen feature. “Oh! I moved the map…I didn’t know I could do that. No way!” Greg exclaimed.

Photo: Twitter/Greg Dutra

Anchor Terrel Brown funnily chimed in and hilariously looked at the camera. Greg had fun with the television as he tried to zoom in on the screen — he could even tilt the map. “It’s a great day! Our temperatures are warming up nicely this afternoon. But I didn’t know. I never touched it before,” the meteorologist happily said. People on the set couldn’t stop laughing, and maybe even the audience had a great laugh because of Greg.

His discovery reached social media platforms, and Greg even shared it on his Twitter account. He posted the whole clip with the caption, “This wasn’t in the training manual! @TBrownABC7 @valwarnertv and I go OFF THE RAILS when I discovered the TV is a touch screen while on-air on @ABC7Chicago,” plus a laughing emoticon. The clip has earned 4.8 million views, 14.5k retweets, 2,681 quote retweets, and 71.3 likes. Dutra replied to his tweet, saying he did not expect the tweet to blow up. “I’ve got nothing to sell or plug except be nice to those around you. Everyone’s going through something,” he added.

Greg really made many people laugh that day, which can be seen in the reply section of his tweet. Someone also asked him why he didn’t know it was a touch-screen TV. He replied, “It predates me- and I went home after only being here for 4 months thanks to the pandemic! After that, I’d been working here for like 2 years, so I think everyone just assumed I knew!” Besides asking why Greg didn’t know about the TV, the reply section was filled with thanks and funny exchanges of tweets with various people. Greg is now part of television history as the man who made millions of people laugh and smile — including those who were feeling under the weather that day.

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