Falling Meteor Recovered On Private Property In Southern Texas

It’s been a busy month for space enthusiasts!

Over the span of three days, three different meteorites were recovered in three different countries: France, Italy, and Texas.

Photo: Flickr/Henner Zeller License: CC BY-SA 2.0

The non-profit American Meteor Society took to Facebook to share about the incredible discovery.

In a now-viral post, they wrote:

“Here is the third meteorite fall to be recovered this week! This one in Texas — Three different meteorites in three days — Feb 13th France, 14th Italy, 15th Texas.” Wow!

NASA reported on the meteoroid, saying that experts believed it was about two feet in diameter and weighed about 1,000 pounds before much of it burned up in the atmosphere.

According to CBS News, the meteor was recovered on private property near El Sauz, Texas near the Southern border of Texas by Mexico.

Inside Paper shared on Twitter that people in the surrounding area reportedly felt a loud explosion as the meteor hit earth:

Despite the shaking and massive amount of force the meteor hit the ground with, it’s not believed to have caused any damage.

NASA explained: “Although meteorites tend to hit Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds, they slow as they travel through the atmosphere, breaking into small fragments before hitting the ground. Meteorites cool rapidly and generally are not a risk to the public.”

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