Men Rescue Wolf Trapped In A Barbed Wire Fence

When a wolf became trapped in a barbed wire fence, things were looking grim for him.

The wolf’s leg was trapped toward the top of the fence, so his body was hanging down leaving him helpless to predators like humans or to the elements.

Photo: YouTube/mrjasonoldfield

When three men drove by and spotted the wolf, they could’ve kept going and left it to fate but instead, they made a compassionate choice: They decided to free the wolf.

With one man filming, another hesitantly approached the fence with some pliers and began working to free the wolf’s leg. It wasn’t an easy task and the wolf was visibly distressed.

Photo: YouTube/mrjasonoldfield

“We’re trying to help, bud,” the man behind the camera gently says to the wolf.

It took some effort, but eventually, the man with the pliers was able to twist the barbed wire just right to free the wolf’s leg.

When the wolf was finally free, the man jumped back as the animal darted across the street. It was a risky rescue given the men weren’t sure how the wolf would react once free, but it all ended up ok.

Photo: YouTube/mrjasonoldfield

The video of the rescue was originally shared on YouTube back in 2011 and its been viewed over 13 million times since.

Check out the rescue in the video below:

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