Men Jump Off Boat To Free Sea Turtle Trapped In A Fishing Net

A sea turtle was given a second chance at life thanks to two kind-hearted men who jumped from a boat to save it.

22-year-old Nick Fry was sailing with some friends when they spotted the sea turtle struggling in the water.

Photo: Instagram/@_nickfry

The turtle was trapped in a crab pot net that was twisted around its fins and the men recognized it was a life-or-death situation for the endangered marine animal.

Without hesitation, Fry and his friend leaped from the boat into the water to save the turtle.

Fry shared a video of the rescue on Instagram with the caption:

“Right time right place again! However this poor fella was tangled up in an old crab pot net we think. Please clean up your rubbish so our wildlife don’t suffer.”

Photo: Instagram/@_nickfry

In the video, you can see Fry and his buddy hopping into the water and untangling the net from the turtle’s fins. In the end, the sea turtle is freed from the net and swims off into the ocean.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, “Abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear, commonly referred to as ghost gear, contributes significantly to the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean.”

WWF estimates that ghost gear makes up at least 10% of marine litter and impacts marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles, and more. Unfortunately, fishing nets and other ghost gear often proves to be fatal for marine life, including turtles and leads to a slow, painful death of starvation or strangulation.

Photo: Instagram/@_nickfry

It’s possible that this sea turtle could’ve met a painful demise thanks to the discarded crab pot net but Nick Fry and his friends prevented that from happening.

You can watch the rescue for yourself in the video below:

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