Texas Debuts Eco-Bridge To Cover Six-Lane Highway And Reconnect Park

Back in 1955, the city of Houston, Texas designed and installed a six-lane highway. While that was great news for commuters, it had some devastating effects on the city’s Memorial Park.

The six-lane highway was built right through the middle of that 1,500-acre park, essentially splitting it in half. The highway effectively separated both sides of the park, isolating each side as a separate ecosystem.

Photo: YouTube/Memorial Park Conservancy

Wanting to reconnect the park, the city has decided to move forward with a land bridge that will cover the highway and allow the park to be one large ecosystem once again. Once the bridge is in place, Memorial Park will be the largest urban park in the United States.

The new land bridge was designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects. The architect company shared a photo of the design on Instagram, writing:

“There is powerful potential in the alignment of infrastructural needs with the design community’s tools to creatively address some of the most pernicious issues facing our society today, including an interrelated set of social, cultural, and environmental crises.”

In the photo, you can see the design features two tunnels that will funnel traffic under the eco-bridge beginning in February 2023.

According to a news release from the Memorial Park Conservancy, this new land bridge differs from other land bridges in that it encompasses 100-acres that’ll be transformed back into native Gulf Coast prairie land.

Photo: YouTube/Memorial Park Conservancy

The design also integrates a stormwater management plan and water quality treatment.

You can learn more about the bridge in the video below:

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