Melon Be Smellin Shows You Just How Picky Cats Can Be

If there is one thing that cat owners know about the felines under their care, it’s that they can be choosy. Some cats may even cross the line from being choosy to being totally picky.

Although that fact is not really a secret, when you see it in action with a feline that is truly picky, it can take you by surprise. Perhaps that is why so many people love the social media series, known as Melon be Smellin.

Photo: TikTok/@melon.n.finn

As you may have guessed, the cat’s name is Melon but the humans who care for the feline really go out of their way to make sure that Melon gets a unique experience on a daily basis. What they do is put something in front of Melon so that she can sniff it.

In many cases, Melon is not going to be very happy about what she is smelling. She ends up gagging but fortunately, whatever they put in front of her face doesn’t go to waste. Her feline brother, Finn gets the spoils.

Photo: TikTok/@melon.n.finn

There have been some surprises along the way, such as certain types of food that Melon really loves, but there are also foods included that you wouldn’t typically say that a cat is going to devour (like lettuce, for example).

There have been more than 100 Melon be Smellin episodes since they got their start in June 2022. It doesn’t matter which of them you watch or on what platform, you will instantly fall in love with this feline that has a strong opinion on anything put in front of her face.

Just check out the videos below to see for yourself:

@melon.n.finn New series! Melon be Smellin 🫡🤢🤤 #catsoftiktok #cat #godayum ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

@melon.n.finn Replying to @Demetrious Williams Melon be Smellin’ Part 48 😤🤢🫡 #MelonbeSmellin #finngetasniffin #lettuce #green #bite ♬ BIG MAD – Ktlyn

@melon.n.finn Replying to @0liverthec4t Melon be Smellin’ Part 125 😤🤢🫡 #MelonbeSmellin #finngetasniffin #melonnfinn #cats #catsoftiktok #halloween #carmelapple #lollipop ♬ original sound – Melon and Finn

@melon.n.finn Replying to @0liverthec4t Melon be Smellin’ Part 125 😤🤢🫡 #MelonbeSmellin #finngetasniffin #melonnfinn #cats #catsoftiktok #halloween #carmelapple #lollipop ♬ original sound – Melon and Finn

@melon.n.finn Replying to @jennaconkus Melon be Smellin’ Part 33👃🧍😳 #finngetasniffin #MelonbeSmellin #bluecheese #spoon ♬ The Difference Between – Beach Fuzz

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