Meet Stubby: A Stray Who Became America’s Most Decorated War Dog

A stray dog rose from the streets to glory after wandering into a military encampment back in 1917.

The dog, Stubby, would go on to become the most decorated war dog in American history.

Photo: YouTube/AnimalWised

According to Connecticut’s Official State Website, Stubby was first introduced to the military when he wandered into the emcampment and befriended soldiers at Camp Yale.

The stray short-tailed bull terrier pup quickly became the unit’s unofficial mascot. When it was time for the 102nd infantry to ship out for France, they managed to smuggle Stubby aboard the S.S. Minnesota by dressing him in an overcoat.

Photo: YouTube/AnimalWised

The war was brutal and life in the French trenches was tough, but Stubby stood by his solider friends and even helped save lives! Besides boosting morale and lifting spirits in the trenches, Stubby would use his nose to sniff early signs of a gas attack and warn the men.

He went on to help locate wounded soldiers and even captured a German spy!

The state website further recalls how Stubby didn’t escape the war scott free. Much like the soldiers, he stood beside, the pup faced injuries from the war. At one point, his leg was injured by a gernade and he was gassed on multiple occasions.

Photo: Picryl/Library of Congress

In the end, Stubby survived the war and his unit smuggled him home the same way they smuggled him to France. Because Stubby had become so well-known, it’s likely that some higher-ups turned a blind eye when Stubby came aboard for the ride home.

One home, Stubby became somewhat of a celebrity. He was written about in virtually every newspaper and he even had the honor of meeting three different presidents!

#DYK Stubby met 3 sitting presidents? He met Woodrow Wilson in France after #WWI, then later met Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge!#presidentsday #mondaymotivation #history #learn #fun

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Stubby’s official Facebook page shared that he met “Woodrow Wilson in France after #WWI, then later met Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge!”

Stubby passed away in 1926. The New York Times honored the war hero with a three-column obituary.

Check out the video below:

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