Meet Luna, The Husky Trapped In A Tiny Corgi Body

All dog breeds are known for having their own distinct personality traits. But even amongst mixed breed dogs, there are some traits that just do not go away.

Huskies are infamous for being very sassy and very vocal – a trait that doesn’t seem to escape any dog with a bit of husky in their DNA. And one perfect example of this, is Luna.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Luna is a precious little mixed pooch living in Regina, Saskatchewan, in Canada. Luna is a corgi who also has some husky mixed into her. In fact, she is quite the unusual mix, as she’s got the face, fur markings, and voice of a husky all stacked on top of the small, stumpy legs of a corgi.

But above everything else, Luna definitely has the stubbornness and opinionated nature of a husky. And according to Luna’s human, she’s a tiny dog with a major Napoleon Complex.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

As her owner has stated to GeoBeats Animals, “I have a corgi husky mix and she definitely has a Napoleon Complex…She’s always happy. I think it’s just her eyebrows that make her always look angry. That’s her permanent look.”

However, her owner did add that “when people are over here she is the most affectionate loving dog.”

While Luna might be living her best life now, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, her owner shared that Luna’s beginnings in life were pretty sad prior to her getting adopted.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Luna’s owner further explained, “I was actually Luna’s third home by the time she was eight weeks old. She was separated from her mom at four weeks. I have no idea why… the second home just simply said we don’t have the capacity to raise as a puppy like Luna. I think maybe she was just too much of a handful. She’s very stubborn and very sassy.”

But despite Luna’s Napoleon Complex, she’s a dog who is pretty confident in who she is. As it is stated on her social media, “I’m a husky trapped inside a corgi.”

Check out the video of Luna down below:

You can keep up with Luna on Instagram, @lunahuskycorgi.

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