Shelter Dog Gets Treated To A Weekend Away In A Cozy Cottage

Being a shelter dog is a tough life. It’s not easy being stuck inside a cage, waiting for a forever family to pick you and adopt you.

Sadly, some dogs have to wait longer than others for their happily ever after to come along. It is understandable that a life of constant waiting would get rather depressing and routine. Poor Meatball is one such pooch who desperately needed a break from his shelter routine.

Photo: TikTok/@stephaniemunro7

Luckily, one of the shelter’s workers, Stephanie Munro, noticed Meatball struggling with the day-to-day, and decided to do something kind to help the dog forget about his troubles for a little bit.

Stephanie works at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, the shelter where Meatball has been living at since 2019.

Photo: TikTok/@stephaniemunro7

That is a long time. Although the workers love Meatball, he still struggles with life at the shelter. Because of this, Stephanie decided to do something sweet for Meatball, and she took him on his very own getaway to a cottage!

She whisked the Labrador retriever away for a little vacation, one that he so badly needed. And it worked wonders! Stephanie shared on TikTok that she got to see “a whole other side of him,” something she knew that was in there.

Photo: TikTok/@stephaniemunro7

Meatball thoroughly enjoyed his time away, getting to live his best life by taking naps, playing, and enjoying the great outdoors. It gave Stephanie a renewed hope that if people saw just how sweet and fun this boy is, then maybe he’ll find his forever home.

Check out the TikTok below:


Meatball's cottage getaway ❤️

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