This Dog’s Human Mom Aims to Show Others the Soft Side of the Mean-Looking Pit Bulls

Certain animals have always been labeled by humans as violent or mean. This is due to the fact that sometimes people only see their harmful side. People must understand that animals tend to get aggressive when threatened, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that their only role on the planet is to cause danger for everyone. Even dogs identified as a gift to humankind are categorized into two opposite groups. Breeds that are mean-looking are believed not to be suitable for families because the media has only shown their defensive side.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

All dogs are lovable and can be a man’s best friend. Some dogs will get aggressive at times, probably because of traumatic experiences. Pit bulls are an example of a dog breed that is always seen as dangerous. For this reason, Hannah, a dog mom, is determined to break the stigma against adorable pit bulls. Ever since Hannah got interested in an Animal Planet show called Pit Bulls and Parolees, she grew fond of the breed. Later on, she adopted one, which she named Arlo.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“I always wanted a bully breed. I was browsing my local rescue’s website, and I happened to find a litter of eight,” Hannah shared. “Their mom, when she was pregnant, must have gotten dumped in front of the shelter. She went to a foster home, gave birth there. I told the foster home what I was looking for. She picked the puppy for me.” Since then, Hannah has taken care of Arlo in the very first house she bought.

Arlo is a gentle-natured dog, making him a good fit as a therapy dog. Hannah signed him up for the occupation, as she knew Arlo could bring sunshine to anyone’s life. The pit bull mom also has an agenda — she intends to show the truth about bullies. Arlo’s breed is often depicted as dangerous, and their physical attributes play a huge role. He is mean-looking, and people often ask Hannah if the pit bull is an appropriate therapy dog.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“I just wanted to help change the stigma that they can do these things. They’re very gentle, and they’re just very affectionate,” Hannah lovingly said. “Once you get to know them, they’re the biggest teddy bears.” Aside from breaking pit bull misconceptions, Hannah also mentioned why she wanted Arlo to be a therapy dog. Apparently, Hannah often had hospital visits when she was a kid, and therapy dogs made those days much easier for her. She wanted other people to have a similar experience — to make them feel that they were not alone.

Arlo has been wonderful working as a therapy dog. He brings happiness to schools and domestic violence shelters and hospitals. Sadly though, some people still can’t help but see Arlo as what society has labeled their breed. Hannah shared that when Arlo enters the room, he receives a different reaction than golden retrievers and Labradors. People can’t believe that a mean-looking dog could also help in therapy.

Despite those comments, kids treat Arlo the same as the other dogs. It’s still a great step in breaking misconceptions, as those kids will grow up with a different perspective about pit bulls. They see the breeds as a walking fur of sunshine — capable of love and care. You can shower precious Arlo with love on the Instagram account Hannah made for her fur babies. Seeing pictures and videos of Arlo with his siblings will definitely win your heart. Add another source of happiness to your timeline every time you open the social media platform.

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