“Mean” Dog About To Be Euthanized Transforms Into Loving Pup Thanks To Kisses

Shelter life can be stressful, and many dogs are left heartbroken or confused as to why they are there. Some dogs react by hiding in the back of their kennel while others go into defense mode.

A tiny Chihuahua mix was unsure of his new surroundings and the unfamiliar people. He reacted by biting anyone who tried to touch him. The little fella was afraid and lost his trust in humans, but can you blame him?

He was labeled as “mean” and scheduled to be euthanized. Thankfully, he was rescued just in time by Danielle Reno, founder of Unleashed Pet Rescue.

Danielle shared his story on TikTok and the video has gone viral.

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She took him home and showered the little guy with love and kisses, which he allowed. However, he was still unsure of being touched and would try to nip.

Slowly, he let his guard down and allowed Danielle to rub him with her elbows which transitioned into her hands.

He is now a loving pup who even does well with little kids.

The video concluded with Danielle covering the dog in kisses and a text overlay stating, “A little love fixed his broken heart. Now, he’s ready for his forever home.”

All he needed was someone to give him a chance and restore his faith in humanity.

The kindhearted woman was praised for saving him and many said it looks like he already found his forever home.

While he is adored by Danielle and her kids, they cannot keep him. She responded in the comments with, “I love him sooooo much! I’m the founder of @Unleashed Pet Rescue and I’ve rehabbed hundreds of dogs. We place over 5000 pets in homes every year. I absolutely adore every single one, but I can’t keep them all (wish I could though).”

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