“Cheeseburger with No Cheese!” Customer Gets Furious with a MacDonald’s Worker

What if you were a fast-food worker and a customer was yelling at you for misunderstanding her order for a cheeseburger with NO cheese?

You’d surely be at a loss for an answer.

Photo: Pexels/Valeria Boltneva

Actually, this Tiktok user named Megan Grace (@megzy210803) has already come out with all the right answers and explanations. But she ended up being lambasted by the female customer.

The irate customer’s first words were, “So, I keep coming through McDonald’s, and they keep getting this [order] wrong, so I need you to listen to me. I want a cheeseburger but with no cheese.”

In answer, @megzy210803 said: “Of course, so a hamburger. Anything else?”

Photo: Tiktok/Megan Grace

However, that reply fueled the customer’s anger, and she started to raise her voice. “I just want a cheeseburger without cheese. Can you understand me?”

An argument ensued with @megzy210803 doing her best to explain that a cheeseburger without cheese is a plain hamburger, which she also mentioned is cheaper. But the prospect of some savings did not appeal to the customer, and this McDonald’s employee could do nothing but ring the kitchen staff for a “cheeseburger with no cheese.”

Photo: Tiktok/Megan Grace

And, of course, as to be expected, it was the kitchen staff who felt confused this time. “Isn’t a cheeseburger without cheese just a hamburger?”

Well, believe it or not, this is a common occurrence in many fast-food restaurants, as some of the comments below will prove.

“Omg I work in a restaurant and I so totally get this 😂😂 so many times,” said one Tiktok user.

Photo: Tiktok/Megan Grace

Another individual wrote, “omg that is literally the same argument almost word for word that I had with a customer years ago when I worked at McDonald’s in Australia!”

“Strangely enough this is not the first video I’ve seen like this. How do so many people not understand this?” enquired another Tiktok user.

“My son, 5 at the time, would always order a cheeseburger without cheese. He would get upset if I ordered a hamburger & wouldn’t eat it. Kids 😂😂😂” a parent related with a smile.


Sometimes you just have to give them what they want 😂 #mcdonalds #fyp

♬ original sound – Megan Grace <3

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