UK Residents Can Include Santa’s Reindeer in their Holiday Fun Thanks to McDonald’s “Reindeer Ready” Feature

Going all out this year with the holiday festivities? You’re not alone. But what if you could add an extra touch of realism to Santa’s visit by including his reindeer in your holiday memories? Well, you can with the McDonald’s Reindeer Ready website too, but only if you live in the UK.

Santa and His Reindeer

A super fun idea if you have kids (or even if you don’t), the easy-to-use tool allows users to take images in and around their homes and then superimpose reindeer into the various scenes. On Christmas Eve, for instance, you can snap pix of the cookies and milk left out for the jolly man in the red suit and with a little magic show your kids video footage of his reindeer nibbling on the treats.

Photo: YouTube/TheFabAwards

Holiday Magic

The extremely popular video tool makes it seem as if any of Santa’s nine trusty reindeer are right next to your Christmas tree — or wherever you want them to be. Super-realistic, it’s really easy to use by heading over to the McDonald’s Reindeer Ready website on your mobile phone or tablet. Once there, click “Reindeer Ready Live” and then “Get started” to let the fun begin.

Once the tool has accessed your device’s camera, simply snap a pic of wherever you’d like the reindeers to appear, and the tool does the rest. It’s just that easy. The best part is that it adds the sound of jingling sleigh bells while one of the critters scarfs up a plate of yummy carrots — undoubtedly for maintaining premium eyesight while pulling Santa’s toy-laden sled on a cold winter night.

Photo: Pixabay/Alicia_Chan

Tis the Season for Lasting Memories

All in all, the program takes about 30 seconds to process before you can download the video on your various devices to share. The next morning, parents can then show the footage to their disbelieving children. Just a heads up, but the website is usually slammed on Christmas Eve, so you might want to get a jump on it and do it tonight to get ahead of the crowd. If it hasn’t already, it could become part of a treasured holiday tradition in your family. Better yet? Filming your kids watching it!

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