Mayor Max Passes Away Suddenly Leaving All Who Knew Him Heartbroken

The most honest and friendliest politician, Mayor Max the Second of Idyllwild, California, has passed away. The beloved golden retriever served his town since 2013 and was loved by all.

He would greet locals and visitors on a regular basis and always made time to pose for photos. His laid-back personality and adorable face attracted people near and far. He always looked the part with a tie and sometimes a hat.

His humans, Phyllis and Glenny, are heartbroken and shared the devastating news on Mayor Max’s Facebook page. A mass was discovered near his spleen and emergency surgery was scheduled. There was some hope that the 9-year-old dog would survive.

Sadly, once the surgery began it became clear that Max would not survive. He peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge with his parents by his side.

“I am so sorry to tell you all that Mayor Max went to Heaven a few moments ago. We are deeply grieving and will resurface when we can figure out what we are going to do next. As I kissed Max goodbye, I told him to come to the house and stay with us there spiritually,” wrote Phyllis.

Max wasn’t just an amazing leader but a gentle soul who showed unconditional love to everyone he met. He loved his job. Phyllis who in addition to being his mom was his Chief of Staff shared, “I believe he had a wonderful life because I know he loved going to work so much which is what we called going out to see the Idyllwild visitors.”

When he wasn’t welcoming people into his town, he enjoyed ice cream, splashing around in his swimming pool, and going for rides.

As the community mourns his loss, many local businesses are putting out donation pots to help cover his medical bills from the emergency surgery.

The town is not without a mayor at two golden retrievers have stepped up to help. The announcement on Facebook stated, “Deputy Mayor Mikey and I, Deputy Mayor Mitzi, are going to be the new Co-Mayors of Idyllwild on an interim basis while Phyllis and Glenny have now begun the quest for the search for Mayor Max the Third.”

Locals and visitors sent their condolences and expressed their heartbreak over the sad news on social media.

One person tweeted, “The one public official that we could trust has died. I had the privilege of meeting Mayor Max a couple years ago and he took time from his Mayor responsibilities to pose for pictures.”

Max will never be forgotten.

“Just as Mayor Max said so often, I promise to love you for infinity dot dot dot and I appreciate your friendship.”

The next mayor has some big shoes to fill. The first Mayor Max, who was also a golden retriever, worked up until the day he died serving the public, as did Mayor Max the Second.

Follow Mayor Max on Facebook to see updates as the search continues and to see the difference Mayor Max the Second made in his community.

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