Woman Is Finally Declared Cancer-Free, Then Wins $1 Million Lottery On Same Day

An occupational therapist from Northamptonshire, England, won the lottery twice in one day, except one of her winnings was truly priceless.

50-year-old Maxine Lloyd, who had been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, was elated when she won a million pounds from Britain’s National Lottery’s Mega Cash Showdown Instant Win (equivalent to $1.14 million USD).

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

In an incredible twist of fate, Lloyd received the funds on the same day that she was declared cancer-free!

When she was undergoing her final day of radiation treatment, she heard her phone ping. It was a notification from her bank, letting her know that the one million pounds had been transferred into her account.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“I feel really lucky. I’m here, I’m alive, and we’ve just had a bit of a cherry on the top of the cake really,” she told DailyMail.

While Lloyd feels lucky and blessed to have won the money, she knows she wants to use it to do good. She says she wants to use some of the money to buy her dream home with her fiancé, but plans to use the rest of it to help others who are going through cancer treatments.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Lloyd didn’t initially plan on going public, but she is now sharing her amazing story in order to raise awareness about cancer, to remind everyone to always be proactive and get checked at the doctor, and to show others that you should never lose hope.

“I’m really passionate that if one woman, or man, goes and just checks their skin or their breast…if there’s anything different, let the specialist tell you that – which is what they did to me,” she said.

Hear her incredible story in the video below:

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