German Shepherd Uses His Instincts To Keep His Owner Safe During Her Dangerous Seizures

Tina Stikeleather, of Indiana, suffers from seizures, which can become very dangerous if she’s standing up during one as she can fall and hit her head.

That’s where her service dog, a German Shepherd named Max, comes in. Max is trained to alert Tina before her seizures and to be there to act as a barrier between her and the floor to protect her from falling and hurting herself.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

Tina has had Max since he was just three months old, and he began alerting Tina before her seizures all on his own. He paid closely attention to her and would get under her before her seizures without even being told how to do that.

Amazingly enough, Max is able to sense her seizures coming on before Tina even knows they’re coming.

She unexpectedly caught Max on video saving her life.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

She set up a camera to film a training session between her and Max, but little did she know, she was about to have a seizure.

In the video, you’ll see Max get up and put his paws up on the counter next to Tina who is standing at the sink. Max begins licking her face and wagging his tail, but she still didn’t have any idea that something bad was about to happen.

Photo: YouTube/Humankind

Despite Tina’s oblivion, Max was persistent in his alerts. When she saw how he continued to act, she finally realized that something might be happening, so she stepped away from the counter so she wouldn’t get hurt.

Max quickly got in position under Tina to gently lower her down to the floor, and just like he suspected, Tina began having a seizure.

If it weren’t for Max breaking her fall, she could have been seriously injured like she has been in the past.

Watch Max’s heroic actions in the video below:

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