Mischievous Dog Still Plays “Pranks” On His Brother After 14 Years

Welcoming a dog into your life can be a beautiful thing, and we only hope they stick around for a long time.

As dogs age, they tend to grow old like humans. They might get grumpy, less playful, and achy. It often happens faster than we like, but they don’t stay puppies forever!

Photo: Reddit/u/mikewantsfriends

Some dogs, however, hold onto a bit of that puppyhood well into adulthood and sometimes even old age!

A mischievous pup named Max never did grow out of his silly antics. Even at 14 years old, he continued to make his owner laugh with his goofy pranks and attitude.

Photo: Reddit/u/mikewantsfriends

Max’s owner, Reddit user u/mikewantsfriends, shared a video in the subreddit r/aww with the caption: “Max is 14 years old and still mischievous as heck (OC).”

In the clip, you can see Max for yourself as he gets on his brother’s nerves. In the clip, you can see Max hiding under his dog bed while his doggy brother lies on the floor beside him.

Photo: Reddit/u/mikewantsfriends

Suddenly, Max flips the dog bed over – seemingly aiming so it lands directly on the other dog! He then looks up as if innocent. Classic!

Check out the video below:

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