Park Rangers Find Massive “Toadzilla” Hiding In Australia National Park

A massive toad the size of a newborn baby was found in an Australian national park and it may be one of the largest toads ever recorded.

The discovery of the massive cane toad was made in Conway National Park by park rangers Kylee and Steve.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Samuel Martin License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Queensland National Parks shared about the discovery on Facebook, saying:

“Rangers Kylee and Steve just happened to stumble across what they have dubbed ‘toadzilla’ while doing some track works at Conway circuit in Conway National Park.”

They noted that the toad weighed in “at a whopping 2.7kg [5.95lbs] – bigger than some newborns!” The toad also boasted some 10 inches from snout to vent length, an impressive size all around.

Unfortunately, cane toads are considered a nuisance in Australia and are killed on sight. In a report on how to kill cane toads, the government notes that cane toads were intentionally introduced to Australia in 1935 in an attempt to control a beetle species, but the cane toads proved more destructive than the beetles.

The “toadzilla” found in Conway National Park was killed and its body may be kept for human enjoyment.

In the Facebook post, the government went on to say:

“Believed to be a female, @QldMuseum are interested in keeping her as a preserved specimen as she might just be the largest cane toad on record! ‘We’re pleased to have removed her from the national park’ Ranger Kylee said.”

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