Woman Celebrating 101st Birthday Reveals Secrets To A Long Life

Living a long, healthy life is something most people aspire to. Recently, a woman in Chandler, Arizona revealed her secret to living a long life and it’s not what most people would expect.

Mary Flip celebrated her 101st birthday on November 2, 2022.

Photo: YouTube/AZFamily | 3TV and CBS 5 News in Phoenix

Considering she was born in 1921, Flip has lived through wars, the Great Depression, 18 U.S. presidents, and raised six kids. Needless to say, she’s had quite a life!

Given up chipper and lively she still is at 101 years old, many people are eager to know what her secret is.

In an interview with Arizona News, Flip was asked what her secret to a long life was. She replied, “Oh, my secret. Hmm, I don’t know. Tequila!”

Photo: YouTube/AZFamily | 3TV and CBS 5 News in Phoenix

In the interview, she revealed that at 18 years old, she moved from Illinois where she was raised to Mexico after her mom and sister passed away. There, she met her husband and also found a love for tequila – something she considers quite important in life.

While many people consider alcohol to be a cause of health issues and a factor of poor health, Flip credits it for her age and vibrance.

Photo: YouTube/AZFamily | 3TV and CBS 5 News in Phoenix

She celebrated her special birthday with booze, music, and plenty of dancing. Yes, even at 101-years-old, Flip has some moves left in her!

Check out the interview below:

Happy birthday, Flip!

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